Winter Glow began in the winter of 2014 with the mission of bringing the holiday spirit strongly back to the downtown Spokane area with all types of holiday light displays in our wonderful Riverfront park. We remain committed to that mission.

The Park renovations have caused us to think outside of the box so that we could bring to our community the holiday spirit. 

Winter Glow 2017 is going to be very exciting. The KXLY Extreme Team, led by weatherman & super-volunteer Mark Peterson and Winter Glow are joining forces to light up the Cowley Park south of downtown and adjacent to the Children’s Hospital at Sacred Heart Hospital. The Park is named Cowley Park ( a national historic site named after Father Cowley who built the first school in the Spokane area there.) but Mark has already made arrangements with the city of Spokane to rename it Christmas Park for the Month of December.  Last year Mark and his team coordinated having lights put up high in the trees for them to be visible by the kids from inside the Children’s Hospital.  He invited Winter Glow to him in 2017 and beyond to add some of our extensive selection of “grounded” light displays throughout the park (with the lack of leaves on the trees in December, they will also be visible from the hospital by the kids.) We agreed wholeheartedly and will continue to assist with this very worthwhile endeavor even after Winter Glow returns to Riverfront Park in 2019 or 2020.